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You can start playing the piano at any age - my oldest newcomer was 67 and today he loves to play Bach Inventions.


While I used to teach all age groups, the age of my target group has now leveled off between 14 and 100. I am THE specialist for young people and adults. For children there are specialists (to whom I do not count myself) with suitable literature and corresponding learning approaches.


I attach great importance to individual lessons , which means that every student receives a tailor-made concept that takes his or her wishes into account as much as possible (especially with regard to the repertoire of the chosen style).

So do not worry: as a beginner, no one will be confronted with “All my ducklings” if he / she does not want this. Nevertheless, there is of course a “central theme” in every concept - you will learn absolutely well and will not miss anything!

Advanced students usually come with specific repertoire requests anyway.


I offer lessons in the three main areas of jazz (improvisation), classical and pop / rock. Music theory and ear training are a natural part of the lesson. 


Would you like to be able to improvise? Just sit down at the piano and start playing - without notes?
I'll be happy to teach you that!

Plus, enjoy sheet music that isn't available anywhere, such as Keith Jarrett's “My Song,” transcriptions by Bill Evans, Dave Grusin, Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays, and many others. I have created countless transcriptions of the best pianists / musicians myself and make them available to my students free of charge. You can see many of these transcriptions that I have played myself on my  Listen to the YouTube channel.


Learn jazz styles from swing, cool, modal to fusion, latin and bar piano jazz as well as blues, boogie and funk . If you are interested, I will also show you various methods of ear training and initiate you into composition techniques - write your own pieces! 


Of course you can learn the classics with me. However, you can also discover lesser-known but very interesting pianists such as Albeniz, Lyadov or Field, to name just three of the dozen who are wrongly often only known to insiders.

Learn not only to play Bach, but also to understand how his compositions work. Learn more about different methods of learning Mozart or Chopin by heart, consciously experience the harmony of a Ravel or Debussy, from which the jazz harmonic originated to a large extent. 


Play Elton John, The Beatles, Sinatra, film scores or the latest top ten hits .

If you are no longer a beginner and have often been annoyed about grades that are too easy / boring: here you can get help! Elaborately arranged pieces, as played by the best pianists in bars around the world, are waiting for you!

Learn hits and evergreens in bar piano style to play or even write your own songs! 

And that´s what my YouTube followers say:
«Beautifully played! All one needs is this. I wish I had your talent. Your improvisation in this piece is transcendent.»

_ Rae Esquivel on "JACK'S THEME" (Dave Grusin)




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