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Monthly flat rate price in EUR / month

30 min./week 90, -

45 min./week 120, -

60 min./week 150, -


Single hour price in EUR / hour

45 min. 45, -

60 min. 60, -

You can choose between a monthly flat rate or individual lessons.

Monthly flat rate means:  

Lessons once a week, there are no lessons during the school holidays (as also mentioned under “The Small Print”). You are free to choose the length of the lesson (see price table).


Monthly flat rates are cheaper than individual lessons and are particularly recommended for beginners (for whom regular lessons are of course particularly important) as well as anyone interested in regular lessons.


Individual lessons are a bit more expensive, but can be very useful if, for example, the job does not allow regular lessons, if the student is already advanced and does not need weekly lessons or if you only want lessons for a shorter period of time (e.g. preparation for an entrance examination, arrangement of a piece for a record or similar).


Good news: I am a very accommodating contractual partner!


1. You don't sign anything. In contrast to most music schools, there are no contracts and no notice periods, just an oral agreement, according to which you can cancel at the end of each month.


2. To simplify the bookkeeping, the monthly flat rate was set at a low price level and should be paid throughout the year (including during the school holidays). This is common practice at almost all music schools and enables you, for example, to set up a standing order.

And that´s what my YouTube followers say:
«Uwe Karcher, you capture and feel the true beauty of the music that you perform.»

_ Leigh Leverrier on "SPARTACUS LOVE THEME" (Dave Grusin)




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